How Podcasting Can Help Your Small Business

Written by Blake Foley

October 20, 2020   |   Independent News   |  

By Blake Foley

According to Nielsen, the U.S. podcast audience is growing every year and has the potential to double by 2023. As the audience grows, more people and businesses are starting up their own podcasts, and it is easier than ever for you to start one, too! But you might be asking, “What can starting a podcast do for my business?” and that is a fair and important question. Podcasting may not work for every business, but you might be surprised by its potential to elevate yours. Here are a few reasons podcasting could be a good fit for you and your business.

Establish Your Expertise

No matter what you do and no matter the scale, establishing yourself as an authority in your field can help build trust between you and your customers. Whether you share tips and advice or talk about the latest advances in your business, establishing your expertise will keep you top of mind when your customers are making their next buying decisions.

Connect with Your Audience

Podcasting tends to feel more personal than an e-blast or blurb on a website. It gives people a chance to hear your voice and think of you as a real person. That familiarity can help develop further loyalty with your customers as they start to understand your values. Depending on the business, listeners can feel like they’re included in conversations about things they care about.

It’s Easier Than You Think

There was a time when podcasting was reserved for people with the latest equipment and software, but in 2020 it is very easy to get your own podcast off the ground with just your phone or laptop. Ready to get started? Check out our blog on how you can get your podcast started.

It’s Flexible

Your business podcast can take all kinds of forms. You can do a weekly 10 minute episode talking about your new products. You can do a 45 minute discussion with a guest debating the merits of a particular woodworking technique. You can take email questions and answer them. You can even take voicemail questions and answer them! A podcast can be a solo effort, a group effort, or even a direct interaction with your customers. I can be 10 minutes or 2 hours! Find out what works for you!

It’s Keeps Customers Engaged While They Live Their Lives

People are busy. They have work, commutes, shopping, chores, and exercise (to name a few) to keep them busy, and it can be hard to find time to read your newsletter or stop by your shop to look around. With a podcast, they can listen while driving to work or go on their evening run, giving them a chance to engage with your business while they live their daily lives.