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In America, we have been raised in a free society. We cherish many important values, such as free speech, free thought and the rights of divergent points of view to be seen and heard.

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As a family-owned and -operated national TV network, REELZ understands that independent businesses power the economy and embody the freedom that Americans so greatly cherish. To show our support, REELZ is giving free advertising to independent businesses across the nation. But we can’t do it without viewers like you!

Post a selfie of your favorite independently owned business with hashtag #REELZIndependent to your Instagram or our Facebook page, and your favorite independent business could win local advertising paid for by REELZ.

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As an independent network, REELZ is dedicated to providing you with innovative, entertaining television. We don’t have the corporate red tape or politics that can clutter your TV screen with junk. We’re proud of everything we show you. That’s why America’s finest cable and satellite providers have chosen to show their support for independent, family-run businesses by distributing REELZ.

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Where do you hail from? Let’s fill our map with the men and women of Main Street, USA that make this country work. Put a stake in the ground and we’ll put a pin on our map.

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Message From CEO Stan E. Hubbard

Stan E. Hubbard

Operating an independent business in any field is as challenging as it is rewarding, and the television industry is no different. REELZ is proudly independent, which makes the network very rare in an entertainment and broadcast industry dominated by conglomerates. We’re just a single network looking for characters and stories that sometimes the big network groups cannot or will not touch. Independent TV networks, like any independent businesses, need your support as media groups grow even larger and control what we see. By standing up for independents, you support diversity of voice and creative expression.

At our inception in 2006, we made a deep-seated commitment to our viewers and business partners. We treat all relationships as personal and sacred, and that can only come from being an independent, family-owned business. We ask in return that you too think independently and support independent television.