What “Supporting Locally” Means to Celebrity Page’s Jaymes Vaughan and What It Was Like Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine

Written by Blake Foley

May 3, 2020   |   Et Cetera   |  

Charity and Supporting Locally

“I think it’s important to support your local small businesses during this time and also to remember your favorite charities right now too. A lot of people aren’t thinking about giving, and I know a lot of people also can’t give right now. But if you are in a situation where you are fortunate enough to even be able to give a little remember that these charities need us now more than ever.

I work with Give Kids The World every year which helps facilitate wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. And while they are on pause right now, as soon as things resume, they will need funding to help make dreams come true! If this is a cause that’s speaks to you like it does me, and you can give, please visit their website at www.GKTW.org”

Give Kids The World www.GKTW.org

The story of Give Kids The World begins with a little girl named Amy, a wish, and the desire of one man to make that wish come true. Amy had leukemia and a wish to visit Orlando’s theme parks. To facilitate this wish, a respected hotelier was asked to provide a complimentary stay for Amy and her family.

Although the hotelier gladly obliged, the remainder of Amy’s travel plans took too long to arrange, and her wish was never granted. Time simply ran out, and Amy had passed away. This unfulfilled wish inspired the hotelier to make a vow that no child in need would ever be failed again. That man was Henri Landwirth, and his desire to ensure that Amy’s story would never repeat itself is a mission Give Kids The World has fulfilled since 1986.

My Birthday in Quarantine

“I celebrated my birthday in Quarantine. And as much at the time as it felt like such a bummer to not have a big party, I also like how it made us think outside of our normal party box. We had to make my own cake, which was a first for me, and honestly kind of soothing to do. We made homemade decorations out of what we could find in the garage from prior birthday parties. It became a fun game figuring out what we could repurpose and make work!”

Working in today’s climate

“If you can create a space that is specifically your work environment. Whether it’s a home office, a spare room, or just “this is my side of the kitchen table during the day,” having a physical area that is dedicated to your work can help you focus and also alert your family and those you are quarantined with “hey I’m in work mode.” Never work in the bedroom if you can help it because it makes it that much harder to turn off your work brain at night. Filming at home has been challenging but a fun challenge. I was fortunate enough to have an empty room upstairs where I could create a façade that looks like a small office studio set up. It reads well on camera. And my dog loves it because he can lay at my feet the entire time I’m filming. Plus I’m doing the off camera stuff myself I’ve learned to appreciate my team at Celebrity Page TV that much more!”