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Holy Smoke! Lexington Couple’s Mobile Business Takes Off

Lexington husband-and-wife duo Jeff and Marianne Gentz are known in their community for making meals for their friends and neighbors and helping folks get the meals they need during a tough time. But it wasn’t until tragedy struck that their passion for smoked meats would turn into something greater.  Read more.

Wichita Startup Aims To Help Construction Through Communication

Chris Callen is back in construction technology. The local entrepreneur announced Tuesday a new startup venture he’s launching called PLOT, which he says has the potential to change how construction teams communicate. The product doesn’t roll out until later this year, so Callen isn’t revealing many details yet, but he is hiring to build out the company and is also looking for local general contractors to test out the concepts. Read more.

“Dr. Buzz,” Psychologist From Copycat Killers, Shares Tips For Feeling Optimistic and Secure As The COVID Pandemic Continues

October 6, 2021

By Dr. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner Right off the bat, let me just admit I never expected COVID to still be here in this second wave of the pandemic. I thought rather optimistically that at this point, the pandemic would be behind us. However, this is the way it is, and TODAY the way I see it, we roll with the punches and together we will all make it out on TOP. Although I have gotten my vaccinations, and follow the CDC Continue Reading Read more.


January 26, 2021

I could not be more thrilled to have Murder in the Family back on REELZ for a brand new season!  Of course shooting the series during the COVID 19 pandemic has brought its own set of rules and challenges. On the set, we are following CDC guidelines for social distancing and wearing masks. My mask is only off when I am on camera and my film crew follows safe practices for sanitizing their equipment each time they set up. Read more.

Kid Rock Donates $100K to Help Small Business

January 11, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted lives, overwhelmed healthcare systems and caused economic losses worldwide. In the United States, some regions are experiencing the effects of financial hardship even more than others. Experts report that Michigan will feel the brunt of the economic crisis longer and more acutely than many other states, as it relies heavily on auto manufacturing, which has been largely shuttered. Read more.