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#REELZIndependent Winner: Sharpo Dinner Theater

Written by Kip Caswell

July 21, 2015   |     |  

Looking for a little mystery mixed in with a delicious dinner? Look no further than Sharpo Mystery Theater, which has been entertaining patrons across Southern California since 1989. Sharpo himself, Eric Sharp, submitted the winning entry for the latest round of our free commercial or advertisement sweepstakes. All he did to enter was post a picture of his business on social media using the hashtag #REELZIndependent, and he was chosen at random to win the free commercial we not only produced for him, but also aired on local TV across Los Angeles.

Are you a fan of an independent business like Sharpo Dinner Theater? You still have a chance to win it a free TV commercial or print advertisement like the one shown above. Display your appreciation for an independent, small business by taking a selfie with it and post it to your Instagram account or the Independence Happens Here Facebook page, and use the hashtag #REELZIndependent! And be sure to click over to to book an evening of fun!

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