Win An iPad!
Plus a Commercial for Your Favorite Independent Business!

It’s easy to enter! Just post to your Instagram or our Facebook page a selfie of your favorite independent business. Include the hashtag #REELZIndependent and, just like that, you’re entered to win free advertising for the business and an iPad for you!


As a family-owned and -operated national TV network, REELZ understands that independent businesses power the economy and embody the freedom that Americans so greatly cherish. To show our support, REELZChannel is giving free advertising to independent businesses across the nation. But we can’t do it without viewers like you!

Show your support for your favorite independent business by posting a selfie of it. Use the hashtag #REELZIndependent. If your picture is chosen in our random drawing, REELZ will feature it on this website as shown below and send you a free iPad. We also will produce a television commercial and air it in your local market or publish a local newspaper advertisement on behalf of your chosen business. Good luck!

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Sweepstakes Winner Jezebel Gallery & Glass Studio


Help keep independent thought and innovation alive. By recognizing and embracing independent television programming and small businesses everywhere, you are rewarding yourself with innovative products and services, helping local economies to thrive, and ensuring that ideas and entrepreneurial endeavors will always be able to power our economy and make a difference.

Independent Sweepstakes

Current #REELZIndependent Winner

Sharpo Dinner Theater

Looking for a little mystery mixed in with a delicious dinner? Look no further than Sharpo Mystery Theater, which has been entertaining patrons across Southern California since 1989. Sharpo himself, Eric Sharp, submitted the winning entry for the latest round of our free commercial or advertisement sweepstakes. All he did to enter was post a picture of his business on social media using the hashtag #REELZIndependent, and he was chosen at random to win the free commercial we not only produced for him, but also aired on local TV across Los Angeles. Read more.