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Labyrinth Games of Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is home to plenty of partisan arguments. But there’s one thing the town’s Democrats and Republicans can agree upon: Labyrinth Games is a national treasure. In just four short years Labyrinth has grown to become a must-see destination for visitors from all over the world. They come in search of new or rare games of all types, from specialty games like Magic:The Gathering, to puzzles and especially board games Read more.

How to Get the Most Out of Small Business Saturday

For independent business owners and their supporters, Black Friday and Cyber Monday take a back seat to Small Business Saturday, which comes this year on Nov. 26. The experts at have great tips about how to mark the occasion. Read more.

TV Independence, Lone Star State Style

ReelzChannel, which operates the website, is proud to support independent and family owned businesses of all shapes and sizes, specifically because Reelz is itself an independent, family owned business! That’s why the network often features on-air programming created by independently run production companies. One of those, Texas-based AMS Pictures, recently celebrated its nearly 35 years in the business of storytelling. Read more.


May 18, 2015

The secret to growing your business could be all around you: your employees. They are the ones who interact the most with your customers…and they can lead your business to unprecedented success. Of course, conversely, a bad batch of employees can doom your business. As Brad Farris of notes, hiring the right employees is not an easy task, but it’s well worth the added effort. Read more.


May 4, 2015

As #SmallBusinessWeek2015 kicks off, it’s worth noting some amazing statistics: More than 98 percent of all retail companies employ less than 50 people, and 95 percent of businesses operate in a single location. But those businesses face some tough challenges, as Mathew Shay from the Washington, DC, based-blog recaps. Read more.


April 14, 2015

While the nation’s unemployment rate is dropping, the number of post-September 11 veterans seeking work remains higher than the national average. But Debbie Gregory on the Veteran and Military Business Owners Association blog notes that many veterans are above average – when it comes to creating jobs for themselves, as they’re 44% more likely to start a business. Read more.