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Labyrinth Games of Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is home to plenty of partisan arguments. But there’s one thing the town’s Democrats and Republicans can agree upon: Labyrinth Games is a national treasure. In just four short years Labyrinth has grown to become a must-see destination for visitors from all over the world. They come in search of new or rare games of all types, from specialty games like Magic:The Gathering, to puzzles and especially board games Read more.

How to Get the Most Out of Small Business Saturday

For independent business owners and their supporters, Black Friday and Cyber Monday take a back seat to Small Business Saturday, which comes this year on Nov. 26. The experts at have great tips about how to mark the occasion. Read more.

A Three-Wheeled Way To Physical Fitness

America’s best independent business ideas often spring from one person’s attempt to solve a problem. Take for instance Joe Bush, who needed to overcome injuries that kept cropping up when he exercised. Our friends at KSTP Channel 5 Eyewitness News in the Twin Cities explains how Mr. Bush’s problem solving resulted in the creation of one of the coolest bike companies you’ll ever see. Read more.


February 23, 2015

The traits many successful independent business owners possess can be as varying as the businesses themselves. As Kirsten Lund at points out, one thing’s for sure: Being a workaholic isn’t the only road to success. Read more.


February 17, 2015

You know how when you’re on a diet and you get a few weeks in and suddenly you’ve stopped losing weight? You’ve hit the dreaded plateau. Well, as Fareeha Ali at notes, independent businesses can plateau as well. Read more.


February 4, 2015

What came first – a strong business, or a strong business leader? The sharp minds at will tell you there is no such thing as a strong business if it has a weak leader. Karin Hurt offers 10 steps to becoming a leader a strong company deserves. Read more.