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Family’s New Restaurant Opens To Honor Late Loved Ones In The Florida Panhandle

January 20, 2022

CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. – Having a new restaurant open in a small town is always big news. “It’s wonderful for new businesses to open in our community,” Executive Director for Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Kristy Terry said. “We are definitely open for business.” However, the Calhoun Southern Grill in Blountstown isn’t just a restaurant. Read more.

“Dr. Buzz,” Psychologist From Copycat Killers, Shares Tips For Feeling Optimistic and Secure As The COVID Pandemic Continues

October 6, 2021

By Dr. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner Right off the bat, let me just admit I never expected COVID to still be here in this second wave of the pandemic. I thought rather optimistically that at this point, the pandemic would be behind us. However, this is the way it is, and TODAY the way I see it, we roll with the punches and together we will all make it out on TOP. Although I have gotten my vaccinations, and follow the CDC Continue Reading Read more.