Reward Independence and Small Business

As consumers, we all have the choice to shop, eat, consume and, yes, watch TV, wherever and however we want. We, as a country, rely on small, independent businesses to power our economy. Even though independent television networks are becoming a vanishing species due to consolidation, REELZ is not going away and you still have the right to support us.

According to the Small Business Association, small businesses have created 64 percent of new jobs in America since 1995.* Independent business proprietors take chances — staking their own money and reputations on the gamble. Small businesses are hands-on with their customers and customers’ needs. They are the risk takers, the innovators. Small businesses embody the freedom Americans so greatly cherish, and REELZ is proud to be one of them.

*Houston Chronicle. "How Important Are Small Businesses to Local Economies."

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